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Our Management Department



Mohammad Abagheri


With over two decades of experience in libraries, documentation centers, and archives, Mohammad Abagheri is well aware of system drawbacks and users’ expectations. This is why he always looks for the best products. To realize this goal, he has gathered a number of morally committed and reputable members into a knowledge-based and customer-oriented team that helps us progress. He dismissed a structurally limited face-damaging structure and sought expertise from experienced consultants in management and support functions to help the organization achieve its best for libraries. He was so interested in information management and librarianship that he applied for continuing education in this area and decided to obtain an MA degree in librarianship. He ran another top enterprise for ten years and also worked in another company for five years a deputy CEO. In addition, he has launched and directed tens of seminars in this area. He is ambitious and always has an unquenchable quest for quality production. As one product is launched, he looks forward for development of the next product. Quality is his motto as he is never satisfied with insubstantial works. His top priority is reputation with the users and his background reflects emphasis and insistence on what he regarded as the correct course of actions. When reform was not possible, he took another course to prevent the incorrect action from being recorded on his resume. He wishes the best for the best people and he has condensed this goal into the library. He believes that the portfolio of his organization must cover all that a library needs. Libraries must be able to find what they look for in PAYAM HANAN and he does his best to assist them in doing so.

Rahmatollah Ganji

Chairman of the Board

Rahmatollah Ganji started working for PAYAM HANAN as the chairman of the Board since the company was established. He is one of the most experienced staff of the company. With over ten years of experience in logistics management, he is the best person to feel and carefully reflect on what a library needs. He has visited most Iranian libraries and those located in Kurdish residences in Iraq. He emphasizes customer satisfaction. A product not confirmed by Rahmatollah will not make its way to the market. He stresses flawless production. He has a vast experience in supporting library products in another company, and to avoid undesirable experiences of customers dissatisfied with any product he represents them to defend the rights of users and is strictly against marketing products with the smallest defects. His insights into needs of customers allow him to help the production team and to stop low-quality products. By relying on his experience, the company has produced many high-quality products. Rahmatollah strictly supports the rights of the users and rarely, if any time, neglects these rights. And our organization needs someone like him to screen products and allow marketing only for high-quality ones. His team members respect Rahmatollah’s incisiveness and follow his strict instructions in controlling their own jobs in order to eliminate any error in the software produced by the company. The result of this strictness and sensitivity is a friendly team that works with great enthusiasm to manufacture seamless products.



Gholam Reza Bagheri

Financial Manager

Born in 1960, Gholam Reza Bagheri is an accounting graduate. Since July 23, 1982 he has been working in accounting area and has financially directed many major companies. He was appointed the financial manager of PAYAM HANAN since the time when the company was launched. According to his colleagues, Gholam Reza can precisely remember all figures as his first day at work mentioned above. When asked a financial question, he can provide an answer to the last decimal place. Gholam Reza Bagheri can provide us with latest information on situations and performance of the system. All his coworkers are amazed not only by this precision, but also by his perseverance, patience, and peace. He is always on time and has sufficient and up-to-date evidence for all financial structures of the organization. Because of this precision, the CEO has no concern for financial figures as he can always refer to Gholam Reza to ask for the most accurate numbers. He always provides reliable answers to financial questions based on well-documented reports. His valuable experience in cost accounting, special orders, commerce, and contracting is among his prominent characteristics. Given his age and experience in financial affairs, everyone obey him in calculating costs and other fiscal figures. He does not ignore even the smallest errors in invoicing or financial processes. The CEO sometimes jokes about how he regards Gholam Reza as the plenipotentiary representatives of the Ministry of Finance in the company. He makes his best to prepare legal documents and to submit them to authorities on time and to avoid the smallest error in audits and other financial procedures. In making contracts, Gholam Reza’s attention to details is such that he considers all legal documents and revises the texts based on these details with maximum carefulness.


Mojgan Karkhanechi

Sales Manager

Mojgan Karkhanechi is a graduate in librarianship and information management. Since the beginning of PAYAM HANAN, she gradually promoted her position to become the sales manager. She has passed several courses on MBA, business administration, and sales, and this gave her a vast experience in marketing and introducing products. According to customers, Mojgan is more patient and better-tempered than her colleagues. She does not see sales as an end; rather, she sees it as a beginning for companionship and always emphasizes quality and, particularly, timeliness. The portfolio she supervises should be free of any defect and she may refuse to sell goods for any defect in the basket of products. The production team can be confident in its product when it reaches the portfolio supervised by Mojgan, as she personally monitors all products and supervises the tests conducted to assess these products. She emphasizes customer-oriented way of doing business and always tries to employ modern marketing and sales tools. Focus on social networks and belief in social network marketing is among her unique characteristics in sales and marketing. She is always ahead of the team she supervises and sets a good role model for the members.


Fatemeh Karkhanechi

Software Manager

Fatemeh Karkhanechi has a BS degree in IT. She is very careful and sensible in what she is doing. She pays attention to even the smallest errors. Fatemeh is indefatigable and nothing is impossible in her view. Because of her insight into the details of her job and her valuable experience in over different projects with different positions, Fatemeh closely monitors her team, sticks to the schedule, and does not tolerate the smallest delay. Her team follows the same instruction. The members of her team do not change the date of delivery even when they lag behind the scheduled plan. Fatemeh believes in teamwork that resulted in carefulness and accuracy. The team members feel relieved when Fatemeh confirm their works since they become confident that what they have done will pass the tests and make it to other sections. Fatemeh regularly interacts with the programmers. They regularly meet to discuss issues and lead the organization to production of flawless products.



Elham Mahmoudpour

Public Relations Manager

Elham Mahmudpur received her BA degree in information science from Al-Zahra University and studied for an MA program in Shahid Beheshti University. She holds our publics relations at its helm. Elham is well experienced in managing seminars and workshops. She knows everything about running workshops from A to Z. Discipline is her first priority. She is extremely thoughtful and sensitive. She loves her job and manages our website, the news at our outlet, and how we present ourselves in social networks. Her courage and boldness have doubled her energy in doing what she is required to do. Elham always give her colleagues a positive energy in interacting with them. And the outcome of her works is always lasting and invaluable since she believes in what she does. She masters the virtual environment and social networks and this helps her play a prominent role in presenting us at the international level. She is well familiar with the marketing content in social networks and uses this knowledge to help the company grow. Mahmudpur is in charge of running all workshops and seminars held by PAYAM HANAN. You can contact her if you are considering organizing workshops at any place around the globe.