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Arian, Intelligent Library Software

Arian, Intelligent Library Software

Aryan (Intelligent KM Software for Library, Archives & Document Center) is up to date with newest technology in Information and Knowledg management soft wars’ field.  It covers the whole standards in the area of information management.

Our experts try to meet all of Iranian Information Centers’ needs with any aspects and types of organization and documents in this software.

Aryan is a web-based software and its database is MS-SQL Server. The other technologies that is used are C#.NET، XML, MVC 5.0.



Aryan subsystems

Library Portal






Administration /Library Management

Article and e-Journal Management

Serials Administration


Reports & Statistics



Aryan at a glance


  • User-librarian interaction with E-mail
  • Send & receive messages either individual or by groups in Portal
  • Showing Book thumbnail in result page
  • Add Selected Records to each user's personal profile
  • Save and print search results selectively or manually
  • Hieratical  view of all library documents alphabetically with three fields of title, author and subject
  • Reciving output data from other sources into two standard ISO and MARC formats and supporting the Z3950 protocol from credible library sites and software.
  • Direct link to the national library and credible libraries and direct information transfer to the program's compilation area without the need for ISO and passing through the phases of storage and recall (National Library for Persian Books and credible sites Congress, Ohio, Sydney,
  • Supporting all document formats
  • Multi portal
  • Multi library
  • Full-text search
  • Supporting all cataloging formats
  • …..