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Library Security System

Library Security System

Libraries and information centers annually allocate a large part of their budget to acquire information resources in different formats. Provision of users with proper services requires access to resources needed at such centers. It is essential for any library to protect and maintain its resources both in terms of providing optimal services while maintain the resources and preventing wasted resources. A large number of companies around the world offer proper solutions based on novel technologies to help libraries protect their resources. A number of attempts have been made by PAYAM HANAN in Iran over the recent years to help libraries and information centers to this end.

With a decade of experience in librarianship and information management, PAYAM HANAN pioneers in developing standard library equipment, security gates in libraries, and complete anti-theft processes based on years of research and development. By making use of the latest technologies in electromagnetic equipment, the company has achieved remarkable progress in this area. The product known commercially as EM200-R10 has provided the libraries and documentation centers with a tool for improved productivity, quality of service, and protection of invaluable resources.

Over the course of developing and enhancing the services provided to libraries across the country, PAYAM HANAN initiated a project in the “year of domestic production and support for national work and capital”, and managed to reach mass production within a course of six months. Given the naturalization of the total process, PAYAM HANAN was the only company to equip more than 100 libraries across the country with this new equipment.

PAYAM HANAN is the only company in Iran holding the new technology for library security gates called EM. The system is also known as library anti-theft gate, library security system, and library protection gate. PAYAM HANAN has launched a complete production line for this system by the help of Iranian experts and provides this product along with a lifelong guarantee.

One major drawback of this technology in the past was numerous errors and false alarms resulting from interferences when tags were passing through the gate. PAYAM HANAN minimized these errors providing its customers with a tool for optimal identification with least possible error.

Anti-theft gate is a domestically made technology with a high level of precision in identifying tags and producing required alarms with minimum error. The gates use digital signal technology to offer a much higher accuracy compared to similar systems. Users are now more confident in using anti-theft gates as they come with lifelong warranty.

PAYAM HANAN is the only manufacturer of library anti-theft gates in Iran and one of the few producers of EM gates worldwide, with remarkable advantages over other producers in terms of speed and accuracy. PAYAM HANAN manufactures a wide range of equipment used in security gates, including gate enabler and disabler, tag identifiers, and host.

Product Technical features

EM200-R10 is one of the most popular products of PAYAM HANAN among the users because of its attractive appearance. The main frame of the gate is made of wood, coated with one layer of painting and a layer of PVC, measuring 180 cm× 50 cm× 2 cm, capable of being used in different weather conditions. It is also equipped with a metal support bolted to the gate with 15 cm spacing from the bottom of the gate by two screws. The support is 5 mm thick giving the EM200-R10 gate a small thickness at the support. The gate therefore in most libraries can be installed at the rear part of the doors opening inward without creating any limitation. The metal support is designed in a way that, once bolted to the ground, allows the frame to move within a 20-degree span in order to prevent damages even at the time of strong impacts. In fact, the energy resulting from such impacts is converted into a form that leads to oscillation of the gate (thus preventing damages). In addition, the product comes in a variety of colors making them clearly visible for users and preventing unwanted contacts when walking in the library. Moreover, the particular design of the gate gives users an impression of enhanced security.

Attractive colors used in the product not only give the gate an outstanding look as a security device but also incorporate the gate into the interior design of libraries.

Another important feature of EM200-R10 is its durable coating. Scratches that may result from contacts or cleaning do not affect the gate and the product can maintain its shiny surface over the years.

  • Manufacture of a library anti-theft system by the experts at PAYAM HANAN reflects the development of a completely Iranian technology which guarantees security of information resources in a library. Toward this end, PAYAM HANAN, as a pioneer in manufacturing modern library equipment, relied on its years of experience in research and development to incorporate the electromagnetic (EM) technology into an anti-theft system.
  • PAYAM HANAN used the latest technologies in electromagnetic equipment to improve productivity and provide libraries with acceptable services.
  • Since 2012, known as the “year of domestic production and support for national work and Iranian capital”, PAYAM HANAN launched its production plants based on its development plans and currently provides many libraries across the country with EM200-H10 and EM200-R10 anti-theft systems.
  • Currently, protection of information resources is an important issue for Iranian libraries. PAYAM HANAN provides an economical and software-independent solution for protection and implementing security at libraries.